Fluidmaster, the leading global supplier of fluid management solutions, is found in more toilets than all other brands combined. As the customer’s first choice and preferred supplier of toilet tank trim, we have been ingeniously engineering the internal flushing mechanisms of toilets for more than half a century. Built on and inspired by an unsurpassed history of innovation, Fluidmaster has become an icon in the plumbing industry.

Pioneering Innovation for More Than 50 Years

Our company’s success began with the desire and drive of founder Adolf Schoepe. Convinced that existing toilet technology was inefficient and unreliable, he sought to create a more advanced fill valve that work with, rather than against, water pressure. Mr Schoepe’s vision became a reality when he revolutionised the toilet care industry by successfully launching Fluidmaster’s innovative pilot fill valve technology in 1957.

Quality and Enviromental Assurance Fluidmaster’s commitment to quality is maintained through our long-standing ISO 9001 accreditation, assuring the quality of our entire product range, on-time delivery to customers, and world-class customer communication. We promote continual improvement throughout our manufacturing, customer service, supply-chain and recruitment processes and our well-equipped laboratory and inspection facilities use modern flow-analysis, pressure-test, automated visual analysis and CMM equipment to verify product data and performance.

Fluidmaster’s ISO 14001 environmental management accreditation is founded not only on protecting the environment of our manufacturing sites, but also on the promotion of widespread water conservation through innovative design and the ability to meet stringent WRAS and British Standard specifications.

Comprehensive Line of Innovative Toilet Repair Products

The popularity of Fluidmaster fill valves has supported our expansion into related product lines through the years. Today, Fluidmaster markets more than 67 million toilet repair products annually and sells more toilet tank replacement valves than any other manufacture in the world. In addition to the inaugural fill valve, our complete line of toilet repair parts includes flush valves, flappers, tank levers, dual flush valves, bowl wax, toilet repair kits and water supply connectors. Fluidmaster’s growing global distribution network reaches more than 80% of the world’s population and spans over 87 countries. With manufacturing facilities across the globe, Fluidmaster is quick to market, quick to manufacture and quick to deliver with unparalleled quality.

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