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Manufacturer of Energy Efficient Heating and Ventilation solutions, covering Domestic, Social Housing and Commercial.

Johnson & Starley's exhibits at the 2017 PHEX shows underline the company's position as a market leader in high efficiency heating and ventilation systems. No more clearly is this underlined than with the QuanTec range of gas fired condensing boilers, the flagship HR 28C Combi model will be a major highlight. With integral passive flue gas heat recovery (PFGHR) built into the primary heat exchanger of the boiler, it provides DHW efficiency levels never reached before as well as ensuring significant savings in energy consumption. Quantec boilers are available in combi, system and regular models, while still retaining a standard sized boiler cabinet. Also on show will be the WarmCair condensing warm air heater range. The dual function WarmCair ‘DW’ series of downflow combination warm air and water heaters provide users with both high thermal efficiency and domestic hot water (DHW) efficiency of up to 98%. Full details of all WarmCair heaters will be available.

From the Aquair HIU water to air heat exchange units are available with 10,16 20 kW and now also 25 and 36kW models heat outputs. Suitable for either upflow or downflow applications, or also the Aqua HIU for radiators or underfloor heating with or without DHW. Both can be combined with traditional boilers or biomass boilers. This latter combination provides a versatile renewables based solution for both stand alone or district heating installations. The company's ventilation solutions also form an important element of the product portfolio for installers. From simple extract fans to central extract systems, and whole house mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, Johnson & Starley's range will fulfil the needs of installers for a range of properties and user needs.

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